What are the top 3 careers for men out there today? This question can actually be answered in various ways. There are jobs that are ranked according to how well they pay; there are those ranked from top to bottom according to how excellent—or rather, not excellent—the work environment is; there are even those jobs ranked according to how much they can impress women. However, for the universality of it all, it is best to look at the top three careers for men out there today, according to all of the factors which can affect overall status in life. Here are the top 3 (not necessarily in increasing or decreasing order) most ideal jobs for men out there today:

Human Resource, Recruitment, and Training Specialist

Men would not want to admit it, but they are social creatures as well, despite the common notion that only women are the social ones—even those self-dubbed “lone wolves” talk to someone (albeit maybe themselves, due to the lack of real individuals to talk to). With a job/career as a human resource specialist, men would not only have those social needs met; they would also, in turn, have their interpersonal relational skills honed.

Software Developer

In a generation wherein there is an app for everything, the conventional, 20th-century norms are sure—albeit, slowly—dying out. May it is a website, a blog, a security software system, or even a video game, the “software” is the new medium of income in today’s age. Becoming a developer of software would instantly make any individual an asset any company looking to move ahead in today’s demanding and evolving market would not pass up—especially if that said individual knows how to produce multiple types of software.

Now, it may not seem like an ideal job for a man looking for a “cool” job out there today; however, a career is not what makes a man cool—it is him who makes the career cool. And, however it may seem to not be “cool”, believe one when he/she says that in today’s age, developing software is undoubtedly one of the coolest jobs to have out there right now.

Marketing Specialists

A marketing analyst or market research executive position may have to be one of the most ideal career paths any man can take. Since these marketing analysts or marketing specialists are more or less, responsible for their respective companies’ name or brand, and how that is projected to the outside market, one can go so far as to say that they are holding the “fate”, if you may, of their companies, in their hands.

Better marketing means better branding, means a better reputation, means a better overall economic benefit for the companies. What man does not want to be one of the people, or even the individual person solely responsible for his company’s success? Not only is the job perfect for a man’s idealistic vision; he would have a better shot at attracting more women with the job itself.